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Turning research companies annual reports into promotion

The annual report or annual review format can be a powerful marketing tool. So, while listed companies are required to produce them, non-listed companies can also benefit from producing them. Our writers, who have experience of working with listed companies in a variety of jurisdictions around the worldwide, and who naturally understand market research businesses, can work with you to write and edit your reports so that they capture and present your many successes and company vision in way that engages and inspires.

Find out how we turn research companies annual reports into promotion.

How do we turn annual reports into a powerful marketing tool?

  • By working with you to identify and distil the information needed for an annual report so that it not only fulfils any legal requirement (if you are a listed company), but also serves as a powerful marketing tool
  • By using our knowledge of your business sector and market to ensure you position yourself in the right way
  • By understanding what information is required and how to present this in a way that is not only informative and provides clarity, but is also engaging and promotes what you do
  • By advising you on the appropriate style, tone and format to employ for this unique marketing tool.

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