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About Greenfields Communications

Greenfields specialises in PR and communications for market research, business information and services companies in the UK and internationally.

Effective communications is all about knowing your target audiences and we know the research industry. We represent clients across different methodologies and approaches. We can place your work where it will catch the eye of decision makers – CEOs or CMOs, Heads of Insight, Research, Marketing or Brand Managers, Media Planners or Advertisers. We can connect you with the very important people you want – and need – to reach.

What’s more, our extensive experience of managing PR for market research companies means we understand how to use dry data correctly and effectively to generate media coverage.

See what makes Greenfields different.

What makes Greenfields different?

  • We can turn data and technical information into engaging stories that journalists want to write
  • We have a highly experienced international team with a wide range of communications experience, skills and contacts
  • We like to work closely with our clients, as members of their teams
  • We are known for our straight talking
  • We have a research director on the team to ensure your research is accurately represented
  • We believe in setting measurable objectives that impact your business.

See how our PR and communications activities make a difference.